Monday, July 15, 2019

Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks - Thoughts Like Rivers

#musicmonday Asaf David Fulks & Kira Shimoni Fulks #newsingleTHOUGHTS LIKE RIVERS is #np at youtube!
Thoughts Like Rivers is an inspirational song about the power of thought. Mother and son duo, Yakira and Asaf Fulks, blend a unique combination of spoken word, poetry, pop, piano, r&b and baroque—creating a powerful message and all original sound! This is the final release off their #ocmixbuss album
Vocals | Lyrics | Music | Production | Performance | Audio Engineering | Art | Videography: Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks

Monday, July 1, 2019

Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks - Wipe Away Our Shadows

#newmusicalert 🚨 Asaf Fulks & Kira Shimoni Fulks #newsingle WIPE AWAY OUR SHADOWS is #np 🍊 Check, check, check it out 🎶
An original poem by Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art#WipeAwayOurShadows was set to music by Asaf David Fulks. Driven by piano, guitar, dynamic drums, this song is a contemporary mix of alternative rock, r&b, melodic vocals and spoken word.

Monday, June 3, 2019

In the Studio with Asaf Fulks - Neve 1073 vs Aurora Audio GTQ2 [13th Sp...

In the Studio with Asaf Fulks - Neve 1073 vs Aurora Audio GTQ2 [13th Sphere] is #nowplaying!

Go IN THE STUDIO with Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company in Orange County, California and compare the legendary Neve 1073 and Aurora Audio GTQ2 preamps using Shure SM7B microphones. Asaf and Yakira Shimoni Fulks rerecord vocals from their single 13th Sphere.

The results are in -- post a comment with your winning choice!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Asaf David Fulks & Kira Shimoni Fulks #newsingle WALKIN' ON A WIRE

Asaf David Fulks & Kira Shimoni Fulks #newsingle WALKIN' ON A WIRE is #np everywhere! This piano driven song features electric guitar, thought provoking lyrics, powerful singing and poetic spoken word. Mom and son duo, Asaf and Kira, deliver a moving message in this latest release off their OC MIX BUSS album. Happy Birthday Miss K!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

IN THE STUDIO with Asaf Fulks: Producing, Mixing

Take a behind the scenes look at the Pro Tools session for Asaf Fulks and Kira Shimoni Fulks new single #WHYS. Asaf breaks down his production, mixing & mastering techniques involved in producing the song. The latest episode of IN THE STUDIO with #AsafFulks at #ocrecording is #np!